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I See Thee Better—in The Dark

I see thee better—in the Dark—
I do not need a Light—
The Love of Thee—a Prism be—
Excelling Violet—

I see thee better for the Years
That hunch themselves between—
The Miner's Lamp—sufficient be—
To nullify the Mine—

And in the Grave—I see Thee best—
Its little Panels be
Aglow—All ruddy—with the Light
I held so high, for Thee—

What need of Day—
To Those whose Dark—hath so—surpassing Sun—
It deem it be—Continually—
At the Meridian?

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I would enjoy spending an evening in Meng's, although... I believe that no Einstien is ever going to ponder and solve the mystery of God, yet somhow we all do anyway... fear the unknown at different points in our lives. Perhaps when we feel most vulnerable. Great read.
Brilliant write Charles, loved every word. Great story, but again I do love characters in poems, they bring the whole poem to life. Love Ernestine XXX
i am filled with dispair and hopelessness! a grim bleak picture of life on the edge of common reason.