In The Grip Of Pain

Poem By Phillip Knox

In the grip of pain I find myself
the victim of endless lies
always pondering certainty of death
with no peace of mind.
I am the child of silent scorn
and in solitude I cry
what reasons for a broken soul
the shadows within my eyes.
The pen leaks with my own blood,
but barely captures the hurt
a heart running empty of love
never rise from my wingless hurse.
My future is bound within a curse,
and there are secrets inside
I hold, heavy, ready to burst
in the grip of pain I hide.

Comments about In The Grip Of Pain

Don't let the goodness of your heart be taken away.. Whatever difficulties you are dealing with it will all surpass.. Just hold on to your faith for God will reward your sacrifices in His perfect time...
thanks for sharing, you are a true talent.
... very emotional poem... it is full of pain... it has good rhythm and rhyme but for me the most important is the meaning... Life id difficult and different... it often makes us cry and broke our hearts but we should believe in our mind, dreams and future... we should go, even if we have no legs and are weak...

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