In The Gutters Of Love Street I Crawl

In the gutters of love street I crawl
Drenched in the drawl of this pitiful
city. Among the littered remains of
leftover pains, peering over the edge
pledging allegiance to those that
choose to loose the self to oblivion.
They are on the sidewalks-
moving mannequins, walking corpses
whose souls rattle as they battle
to break through their brittle bones.
I see my reflection in all of their eyes-
Like looking into a lake and seeing
the skies. We are observers, we
cling onto the pavement of dead
passion. Above us they drift on
a gentle breeze of ignorance, as
we mingle when the slightest tingle
of salvation falls upon us.
Come now late summer rains pound
and drown this place into surrender
wash me upon a shore of release,
where she will find me in the gutter
where I crawl, and pull me into her arms.

by Not Long Left

Comments (3)

Love and death and wind and rain, all gathered in the storm drain. Tempestuous stuff Vincent. Surf it!
Clinging to the nearest passerby. this one reminded me of the band Joy Division. i loved the raw-ness of this, Vincent. honest, desperate emotion. good write, Sus.
Yes Vincent A knight in shining release, is my prayer each night too. But it seems I am the one doing all the pulling as usual. Tai