(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In The Hopes No One Remembers

Aging without experiencing to digest each phase of it,
To allow a processing of reality to accept instead delude...
Has left a series of serious lessons to learn,
To go uncomprehended...AND for YEARS.
As a doing of this had been permitted by those visiting dreams.
And also validated by others who chose with 'their' druthers,
To skip over truths they eliminated for pursuits to fantasize.
Without giving time to patience to sit and understand LIFE!
With attempts to connect reason with questions asked...
To discover a recovery of themselves and identity,
That a creating of faked wisdom gains no respect.

And gone in their minds not to realize the damage self inflicted,
Are so many who have aged but today prefer playing charades.
Staying to play all their lives on excuses made and stale alibis,
To later embellish experiences they have never had or dared.
But find time they 'still' do to complain on a daily basis.
While critiquing on street corners or wherever 'waste' is conducted.
As if upon request to express interest in business not their own,
In the hopes no one remembers the facts as they were.
Or the absence of their presence in those times long gone,
During their detailed depictions to describe and only in their 'minds'...
Where their exaggerations exist to live and occur uninterrupted.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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