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In The House Nearby

In a neighbor's house a party going to where i live quite near
The music and the laughter loud on the eve of the New Year
For a group of not more than twenty they do seem rather loud
It is true a small gathering with alcohol involved becomes as noisy as a big crowd
By midnight more than three hours from now they will be drunk as can be
And by then a drunken brawl may well erupt to end their New Year revelry
Too much of anything not good as some do like to say
And that especially applies to alcohol which of common sense gets in the way
In the house nearby the rock music and the swearing loud the alcohol taking it's toll
Amongst young people celebrating on strong booze things can get out of control
Not the type of party for children or the more gentrified
Where few do think before they speak and mouths are open wide
In the house nearby the music loud the young revellers shout and swear
Of peace of those in the neighborhood one thought they do not spare.

by Francis Duggan

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