Black Soul

black soul
sometimes it feels heavy
sometimes hard to go on
sometimes giving up feels like an option

Dear so far yet so near the end
black soul

competitive as it is trying by all means to drop you when you rise up
cooperative at times
decorative at some times
destructive most times heh black soul

shows no mercy its a child yet drops it like a hot potato burning it like a hot coal
lets go it says
i don't want to witness this
is it so?

child. mother, sister, brother, friend there a black soul
can i ever find peace, under this dark cloud covering the whole host i live in?
black soul.

we work yet our efforts goes to waste, wash the pain yet stains remain
we talk yet our words are ignored im sure we are seen yet too dark to be saved

sometimes heavy to carry the burden how will i go on?

carry on you will find a way

how can i find a way in the dark

dark soul
that pushes us to the point where we never want to reach, but must i realy take my life over this?

i'm taking over my life about this
Black soul.

by Ernest Makuakua

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And all the world is wild and strange; Churel and ghoul and Djinn and sprite Shall bear us company to-night, Great poem. Thanks poet.
nice oneeeeeee............