In The Image Of God

Thunder deep within me roars.
Sometimes charged,
From a brain electrified.
To nourish within this Universe.

And tears to cleanse from my eyes,
Do drop.
To expose Sunlight...
Coming to remove clouds,
Experienced within my despondent heart.
Equipped to feel,
An array of emotions witnessed.

Radiant some days I gleam.
But like the shifting of seasons...
Those moods do appear.
Some with fears yet most are not!

I am in the image of God!
This I know.
Since God himself...
Said this was so.

And I know this to be true.
Since this Earth, the Sun,
Moon and Stars...
Also reflect a part of who we are too!
And if God should choose to stop their existence...
There would not be a WE!
To amuse God with our mischief!

And I have not been given that power,
To debate with God.
Or try to isolate my fate,
In my demands to God...
For a more perfect creation!

I accept 'this' My Father!
And will continue to express my gratitude!
My Father is much too much,
For me to make attempts...
To comprehend!
I just want to keep My Father pleased.
That's it!
Those who are self righteous...
They're on their own 'trip'!
Speaking in tongues.
And those hypocrites quoting scriptures.

'And 'you'?
You are here to do what?
Pass judgements? '

Oh no!
No no no...Father.
I was just...
Sharing an opinion!

'And I thought you came to Me,
To have prayer? '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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