In The Island Of Humanity

if you read this
do not be disappointed
we are honest
and we are not that

we are here
because it is necessary
we cannot go out
because it is

if you join us in
our dinner
be prepared to eat
what we have

that is what we have
nothing more nothing less
a glass of water
a fist of rice
a nail of fish

our window is open
we let the winds come
free as they are
to our envy and wish
that we should have been
like it

now we do not want you to
stay here any longer
you will not like it
our doors are open
for those who shall leave

do not be disappointed
we are good and we are honest
we do not feel well
but we keep on moving...

you are the strongman
in this world, we never see you again
we have forgotten your name

the lake is silent
the leaf is gone.


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