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In The Kitchen: A Saucy Tale
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In The Kitchen: A Saucy Tale

I want to be in your kitchin’
When it’s hot and hoppin’
And you’re bewitchin’
Lids to start a poppin’:

O bubble the sauce,
Coax the rice,
Do not force,
Everything’s nice-

And I’m a fool
For Cannelloni,
Pasta e fagioli!

So, gimme a taste,
Don’t be cruel,
For nothing I’ll waste,
That’s my rule.
Pasta E Fagioli
O, your hair’s a flyin’
Flour’s on ya nose,
And I’m half dyin’-
Sweet poetry and prose-

To see ya swayin’
And a shovin-
Such a tasty treat
Into ya little oven,

So my sweet,
Now ya have me wondrin’:
“Should I just eat...
Or simply start a lovin’? ”

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