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In The Land Of Flames
JTR Jack the Ripper (Undisclosed / Whitechapel, England)

In The Land Of Flames

In the Land of Flames
Plasma rains from the sky
And the children play in the radiation
While their worried parents
Try to get them to wear their radiation coats.

The kiddies come inside afterward
And eat nicotine cookies, made with fresh tobacco
And drink tall glasses of cold gasoline
Enjoy a slow battery acid bath right before
Heading off to their snuggly beds of asbestos
And dreaming about another beautiful day.
While their parents indulge in a few late glasses of purified water,
Knowing that their livers will hate them for it in a few years.

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Comments (3)

Very good poem I believe it is about parents being overprotective ^^ 10/10
I like the inversion. It reminds me of a sort of post-nuclear Shel Silverstein, in a way. 'I fell up', and all that. Also, check out 'the man from asbestos', By Stephen Leacock. This one's another great piece. My glass is raised to you
Very, very clever, Jack. A well-earned 10 for putting so much hard work into this. PPPPPPPP