In The Land Of The Blind As The Saying Goes

In the Land of the blind as the saying goes the one eyed fellow is the king
And we look to him as a hero and his praises we gladly sing
To him we surrendered our power in the first place and for that he repays us in fear
Of the treachery of our so called enemies from him is all that we do hear.

In the Land of the blind there is darkness even in the bright lamp of the day
Our one eyed ruler we depend on without him we would lose our way
We follow him on in our blindness and heed every word that he say
And we follow him on without thinking even though he is leading us astray.

In the Land of the blind for each wealthy person thousands live in poverty
And there is mistrust amongst people the side affects of inequality
And we follow on our one eyed leader yet us he will never unite
Since the windows of our souls are shaded to all forms of positive insight.

In the Land of the blind the one eyed one is the ruler and blindly we follow him on
And the wise people we gladly ignore and all hope of World peace seems gone
And though we can hear the birds singing and see butterflies flitting in the sunlight of day
We are blind to the humanity of others and our one eyed ruler leads the way.

by Francis Duggan

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