In The Land Of The Oppressor

Since Jesus Christ on Calvary was crucified
So many people have been born and so many have died
And good people does languish in prison today
As prisoners of dictatorial political leaders in Lands far away

For speaking out for human rights this is not a crime
Good people are sentenced to years of jail time
In Countries where many dare not to speak their mind
Though they look on their government as cruel and unkind

In the Land of the oppressor there are many oppressed
To be born in such a Country few feel they are blessed
By their oppressive leaders free speech of them denied
For speaking out some are in prison and some have even died

That in our political leaders plenty of room for improvement that fact does remain
But since without fear we can criticize our government we ought not to complain
We could be born in a Land where to criticize the government is deemed to be a crime
Where for speaking out people are murdered or condemned to serve years of prison time.

by Francis Duggan

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