Parameswaran Nair Damodaran Nair

People and places on earth! !
According to righteous morals when the right thing is done;
Rest assured with the muse of the truth.
Adventures of love and life,
Makers of civilization!
Eyes of peace and love,
Servitude and attitude along the line,
Words and works! !
Alright with your mind today;
Respecting all the rules along the line,
Ambitions of love and life! ! !
Noted with the romance of nature.

Natural Laws! !
All along with your works in the land;
Insight and wisdom along the line,
Respectiing all mankind without racism.

Dreams! ! ! ! Dreams of love and life!
Adventures along the line,
Moonlight! Movements of the earth;
Only to see the wonders of nature! !
Dreams along the line,
Able to see the light of the truth;
Rest assured with the muse of righteous morals,
All year round!
Noted with the beauty of nature.

Names and Frames! !
Always with your fame in your land;
In the name of your works,
Respectiing all mankind without racism.

by Edward Kofi Louis

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