AS (16021970 / Jammu)

In The Loneliness Of Heart

In the loneliness of heart, I see the crowd of memories
People passing by or rather bypassing me,
Somehow I could not connect or communicate,
Not that I had nothing to say or offer,
But could never gather words together not because I am not educated
More so that I have a primitive mind which connects not through words?

Or should I call my mind light years ahead of time when we won’t have to say a word
In the silence of humanity, everything would be spoken
And another mind would read it, comprehend it
I won’t be lonely any more

Someone out there in that crowd will know that I am calling
Someone out there in the crowd will know my feelings
Know my fears, my joys and sorrows

But what if there is no tomorrow………?

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This poem is a true expression of your feelings..very beautiful poem
Beautiful POEM~! ! ! As they Say: ' Today is Tomorrow's Yesterday'... So grab what you can! And let your loneliness fall alone, to never again, hunt your heart!
The Exchange between Two Through a gaze So much said Without saying anything The Silent Speech So much understood Without uttering anything Thought flying From One mind to Another Two Minds? Or Merged Minds? Ahh...I would give anything to reach that state. TO