SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

In The Middle Of The Journey


In the middle of the journey
Though closer to the end
With still perhaps some years to go
Old and yet not the oldest of the old
I try to begin again.

I know
If I have not done it yet
I probably never will.

I know all the years
I did not make effort enough
Are not mine
To make effort in
In the future.

I know I probably will never get there.
I know it is not ‘beginning’
I should be doing now.

I do not then ‘begin again’
I continue from where I am
Which is not very far
On the road
Which is longer than I can see.

Will I get there?

All the evidence says ‘no’.

I write this
As another small step on the way
To where I probably will not go.

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