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In The Middle
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In The Middle

Caught between
One love or another.
Both seem to be
More than a brother.
But life is long,
And choices wrong.
They make me want to
Duck and cover.
The result is inevitable
And I can’t escape
Pain and sorrow
It’s my fate.
My life is painful
Can’t you see?
Can’t you see
The pain you’re causing me?
I can’t see the answer to this endless life.
All I see is sorrow, grief, and strife.
My life just keeps going when I want it to end.
All I ever wanted or needed was a friend.
Someone who could encourage me to
Keep trying when I felt like I should quit.
But my friend wouldn’t let me.
That answer’s not fit.
My heart would be happy because her in it I’d keep,
But my heart is broken and I can’t help but weep.

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