In The Midst Of January's Wonders

The mountain goat is waiting many miles above the sea
confidently posing radiating a soft tranquility
towing the glimmering twilight always northward
as light is magnifying the tender landscape.
Cassiopeia reigns gloriously in the winter sky
as the Capricorn warms itself behind the sun.
Caressing a melodious phrase is the mocking bird
flaunting its prowess while haunting us with a pun.
Evoking our innate emotionalism our sentimentalities
will permeate sending our feelings forward.
Through a gaping and yawning black hole we will escape
with an inertia flowing naturally backwards.
In a state of wonderment we release a word
echoing it through the universe to transshape
all dominance into a reverberating consonance.
Recalling the northern light’s simplicity
we regain serendipity in life bye and bye.
The sublime reminiscence will appease
the mountain goat as it rollicks and raves
returning unto its inherent tendencies.
Remarkably generous are the hearts of man
when presented with a lighthearted ease.
We needn’t usurp the chance to identify
each detail of fulfillment as they increase.
Nevertheless the return of the dancing elves
will reflect the optimism we gleefully employ.
Sinking through the fingers of Mother Nature
we will settle in a comfortable cave
of recluse and sanctity moving toward a cure.
Assembling in a harmonious abode we have begun
to bring courage, compassion and willingness to the young.
Inspiring all hands to join to dignify
our existences in compliance with sobriety
we sanction each soul to witness and glorify
itself in utter thankfulness, impassioned with allure.

by Paul Amrod

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