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In The Midst Of Silence
SS (26th of December 1979 / Philippines)

In The Midst Of Silence

Thought we won’t be able to celebrate
Celebrate this very special date
When I was almost gave up
What we had for the past months,
Months with misunderstanding
And say odd things against you
As if I really wanted you to go
In my life for making me so blue…..

And during that point,
For the first time in my life,
I got so scared
Scared to loose someone
Someone that holds half of my heart
Heart that was mend when touched
Touched by the one who got the magic
The magic that I’ve been longing for…….

And in the midst of silence
I saw your smiling face……
Suddenly I heard something
Beautiful love songs played on air
Wonderful rhythms of heartbeats
That only your heart can make…
Then I realized I really love you
And said “ I don’t want you to go”…

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Personal, but still a well-delivered piece of verse!