In The Millstreet Town Park

On Summer evenings in the Millstreet Town Park many decades ago
Long before time it did become my foe
With friends i often played Soccer and Gaelic football
Though at either game i was of no use at all

But it was only for the love of fun i did play
For a few hours until twilight in the park far away
Those renowned for sports in the Parish back then
If not deceased like me are aging women and men

I think of them often my friends of the past
We did have our fun times but few things in life do last
Few that i knew then in or near the Hometown did stay
And where the deceased are some of them do lay

And only the memories with us do remain
Of good times we had that will not be again
In the Millstreet Town Park the joy in laughter rang out
As we jostled for possession kicking the ball about

On long Summer evenings a new generation of young men do meet
For games of football in the Town Park of Millstreet
Perhaps children or grandchildren of those i played with in my life's prime
Though this is going back many Seasons in time

My journey in life took me to places elsewhere
For to try out my luck in the big World out there
Yet in fancy on long Summer evenings till the gloam of nightfall
In the Millstreet Town Park i chase the football.

by Francis Duggan

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