In The Mind Of Old Bill

In the mind of the aged man there is the happy teenage boy
Old Bill is determined his old age to enjoy
He is in the local pub every evening for an hour sometimes two
He is determined to enjoy himself as many young people do
He has never been a father or he has never had a wife
But he has never been short of women in his life
Yes he has had many casual affairs down the years
But for the what used to be he does not have any tears
In his early eighties and not one to pretend
He says his women bedding days has come to an end
He just wants to grow old happy and in the pub enjoy a few beers
And join in the revelry of the barroom cheer
What hair he has left on his head may be gray but life he does enjoy
In the mind of old Bill lives a happy teenage boy.

by Francis Duggan

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