Rejection is hard to accept,
In relationships,
A denial can change
The course of your life
Most of the times it is painful,
Time and again,
I have been through this pain,
So I know,
What it feels to get a ‘no’
For an answer…

When I started writing this,
I had only one intention,
And that is to help
Those who are silently
Going through this pain…

Be strong
That’s all I can say…

I understand,
Words won’t matter,
When heart is bleeding,
I understand,
How difficult the phase is,
Especially when a person is involved,
Physically and emotionally…

Time is a great healer,
And if you don’t move on,
Then the pain would last indefinitely,
Taking you along with it to your grave…
It only ceases to exist,
When we shift our focus to something else,
Something more beautiful,
Something more meaningful,
Peace is precious,
Don’t let it slip away,
Why withdraw from life,
For a person
Who never cared for you…?

by Vinaya Joseph

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