TNE (8-21-95 / Montana)

In The Mirror

I see my life disappear
into thin air like a balloon.
I see everything disappear.
I see my whole body
empty inside me.
All I do is stand there and
wonder what I should do.
I see everything leaving
like a parent leaving a
child home to spoil.
I see my fears come to
back to life to hunt me
down and take me out.
I see my mom and dad
fighting about stupid things.
I see my dad crying for
help and guidiness as he
sits there in prison.
As we cry I see the world
turning dark and evil
as we all cry for help.

*****I wrote this is class 2 sho how I feel*****

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Comments (6)

dang..this is a realy good poem i loved it imm like this in a way cryin a shxt bout ur ma n dad thats how mine are... 10/10 :)
i am just lyk u in a way. love that you do this in class. must be BOH-RING! ur creativity is unlike any other person, it's so unique. I beet now that evryone would ask 4 ur talent.
woah o.o thats deep....i likes it :) just wonderin...did u get a good grade on this? ? o.o'
very good, sometimes i feel the same way. keep writing. read some of my stuff.[:
very sad poem.........nicely done.......u expressed your feelings quite good......... good work...... ;)
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