Is It Rude To Send A Message To Heaven?

There are so many times
when I see somebody that is old
I mean............very old
and the first thing I think of is............
''Can I give you a message
to take to my dad? ''

I have never had the nerve
to actually ask them.
But I want to.
Then, when they die......
I'm filled with regret.
I'm kicking myself
for missing the opportunity
to talk to my dad.

I've known many elderly people.
Most of them seem ready
to die and meet their maker.
Some of them even talk about it.
I choke on my words.
I try so hard to spit them out
but I can't.
I don't want to make them sad.
I don't want them to know
that I know they are going
to die soon.

I will send a message to heaven.
One day I will get the nerve
to ask somebody that knows
they will be there soon.
I'll ask them to ''look my dad up''
and ''Tell him I love him''.
Until then, I'll secretly wish
they could read my mind.

by Mary Nagy

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