In The Mountain Park

The magpie is singing as the sun goes down
In the mountain park overlooking the Town
The wallabies graze by the road to the hill
They look much like statues standing upright and still.

The fox in the scrub she is nosing around
She tracks the brown hare across the stony ground
But he has long fled to a far safer place
And he is one she could not hope to outpace.

In Nature's wild kingdom the strongest and fittest survive
And the young hare has his speed for to keep him alive
So the fox she must search for far easier prey
The old and small and weak they are doomed that does seem Nature's way.

From the mountain park one can see far and wide
Across the beautiful though rugged and brown Countryside
A landscape that stretch to the great ocean shore
From the park in the mountain sixty kilometres or more.

In the mountain park in the twilight of day
The bird known as shrike thrush in his cloak of gray
Is whistling his song in the freshening breeze
That can be heard soughing in the acacias trees.

by Francis Duggan

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