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A Broom Song
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A Broom Song

Poem By Indira Renganathan

The sun behind gray clouds is hidden away
It has been raining in the Moyne Shire since before daybreak today
But of the quick change in the weather i have not heard one complain
Since the dry countryside is in need of rain
For March thus far in the Moyne Shire it has been quite warm and dry
And why even more rain is needed no need to ask why
Since the weather forecast it has more dry and warm days ahead
And the farmers hopes of a financially profitable Autumn seem quite close to dead
The plagues of locusts and black crickets to them have come at a huge financial cost
Since by the grasshoppers much grass has been devoured and crops to them lost
And at Autumn a time of year when grass growth it is slow
More rain it is needed for grass for to grow
Though in the weather forecast more warm and dry weather is on the way
It is raining and windy in the Moyne Shire today.

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