He Was Known For His Ability

To create nonsense, come such
and what not (flailingly
and surreptitiously) he
was unopened, when she
(darker than life) underwent
through the narrow passage
of his undergarments, kimonos,
cheese sandwiches and galoshes-
it was really spectacular,
come to think of it,
as the crowd cheered in horse-
like procession-

it was all in the wind,
the chains, the valleys and
the lonesome meat grinders
swooned like a pack of
wild elephants and tearful
virgins, what if, what if,
reverberated now and then-

but we knew (at least you
were aware) the race was on
uncaptured and decapitated,
plowing away through the
corpses of ancient books,
thick accents, glued to my shoes-
ah that was, is, and will be
quietly as the rose unshields
its blossoms and too few
can remember

such things as childlike
curiosity and the touch of spring,
except in the pink of summer,
when all is ripe, she appears
to him, all the more invisible,
slowly growing-
one, ten, three thousands,
stars and supernovas,
created as if in sleep, to which
we woke one day
and capitulated, screamed,
laughed, knowing full well
the touch, feel, sight
and fragrant sound
of the waves.

June 9,2008

by Alexander Shaumyan

Comments (5)

Every word matters in this poem.
May you sail smooth on yo journey in the galaxy Ruth. Matthew Hyatt u must be so dull my dear not to understand and appreciate such a masterpiece!
Dear Ruth, Bon voyage on your journey now begun to the next galaxy. Thank you for the beauty, the truth, the gifts extended and extending still like one finger of a spiral of stars sifting vastness appealing to be spoken.
excellent....thought provoking.... could you post 'Train Ride' on this site? I found it in the Oxford Book and really enjoyed it.
I apologize but I do not understand your poem. It doesn't seem like it rhymes to me but it is obvious that you have a Jewish background. Try to find your poetry rythym and go from there. Listening to music always helps. Take a look as some of my poetry and see what I need.