In The Night But There's Light

I walk in the night
As I walk I see a light
A light that can't been seen
By others
I can only see it

As I get closer to the light
Blood! I see It all the way to my waist
As i get closer
A blood thirrty vampire
Awaits my death

As I get closer to the light
Just to touch his face
He disappears and I can't see him
I turn aruond to see if he is behind me
But nothing

So I am at the light
Waiting and all of a sudden
The blood thirsty vampire
Bite's me and now
I am a, a, a, a, vampire

Why? Me I didn't want to
Become a beast
A blood thirsty sucking vampire

I didn't want to become this
I want to die
I take a stick to
STAB myself

But before I could do
Any damage to myself
He grabs my rist and
Pulls me up then

Wraps me in his arms
then he kisses me on the LIPS
But before I could say
He was gone
There was an echo in the distance I could barley hear

And He said it's oh k
Don't worry you'll be oh k

by Aletha M.P.

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