Love Isn'T Easy

Love isn’t easy; no matter what you does it will always hurt you.
Sometimes you try too hard to make it perfect but we forget that nothing in our life is perfect. You give what you think is best for both of you but in the middle of the way you will realize that what you thought was perfect for both of you is only perfect for you. Arguing is normal in a relationship but sometimes that arguing may last forever and your relationship can be broken.
You can’t fake love; love is something that you feel but you can’t touch it. Love is something that you can make, it’s something that you can’t predict you can find it everywhere in deferent places. People say that love is in the air. But what I think is that love is deep in our self but sometimes we don’t realize that it’s there. For every king is a queen and for every queen is a king. You may think sometimes that love wasn’t made for you but believe me everybody deserves to love and be loved.
There isn’t any instruction for how you can love and how can you be loved. The only way to make that happen is by searching deep inside ourselves and by praying to God. He is the only one who can help us because He is the only one who knows what True Love is.

Don’t give up on love. No matter what you have been through; remember that everything happens for a reason and that every question has an answer. Along the way things might get too hard for you to handle and you might feel like throwing the white flag. When you feel like that and it seems that there is nobody there to hold your hand, you feel breaking down that is the occasion that you need to hold on what keeps you alive and that is Love and God. Love hurt but it heals to. Love can make you cry but believe me it can make you happy too. True love is hard to find but when you find it might get hard to let it go.

Don’t try too hard to find the perfect lover because that is a waste of your time. And stop praying for God to send you the perfect one because those kinds of prayers are the prayers that will break your heart. Be careful for what you pray for because when you pray for something you need to be prepared to go through all the things that may come with what you have prayed for. There are two kinds of people that you will meet in your live. There are those who are for a season and you may meet those who are forever and you are the one who need to find out which is which and remember don’t judge the book by the cover.

by Denise Peralta

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