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Forget the pain,
It was all in vain,
I need to clear my mind,
I need to cleanse my brain,
Sincerely she signed,
She was the thing that kept me sane,
Did she love me?
How could I not see?
she cast her spell,
And hid the truth,
No one checks the roof,
Because that awful smell,
But how could she! ?
I know she cares,
Amazing we could be,
Instead she just stares,
As if nothing Is wrong,
It's just another song,
In the book of life,
Containing all strife,
So let's open a page,
and see who's on stage,
You can't hide what's right,
I'f there's noone to bite,
You love another you say?
What a bunch of hay,
If you sincerely care,
Then my heart would not tear,
Because I know you'll have hope,
And i know you can cope,
Because your tough,
You can be rough,
So just forget about me,
I'm fine can't you see?
I know you'll move on,
To find someone you love, a tonne,
I'm not the right one,
But your as bright as the sun,
You light up the people around you,
Your pretty hot too,
So go find someone better,
Who will write you love letters,
Someone you want to kiss,
And make you feel bliss,

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Comments (4)

Deanna, Thank you dear heart for the well wishing...i need strength and a lot of it. You are too kind. Many blessings Theo.
Theo... tis wonderful poem and terrible news... to you, kia kaha (strength) within the aroha, Deana xx
Hey Meggie, I would have thought somebody would have told you at least over at Starlite. I have been very ill. Mary and all had prayer poem for me over there as well. I am not well yet. Have multiple problems and in need of 2-3 doctors. Its good to see you dear one. When i have the breath or the strength i write. Time does awful things to our bodies Meggie...Heart, lungs, kidneys. Always love to you my little Indigo Girl. Theo
wow..beautiful, Theo.glad i was able to take a peep. Another great write, Theo..where have you been? Love, Meggie