In The Park

Looking out my window,
green as far as I can see.
Wish I could go out,
but I'm stuck in this wheel-chair, not free.

So I grit my teeth and
roll out into the park.
sometimes I sit there all day,
even when it gets dark.

I love the park, birds sing,
kids on the swing.
The trouble is
I can't do anything.

But as I sit and wonder,
little children come and talk.
they look at me and ask,
why can you not walk?

I say: Oh I can walk,
I just like to sit a lot.
The kids smile and look at me in a funny way,
then they wave bye-bye, and go and play.

I love the kids and their attitudes,
quite nice, the cute young dudes.
I just wish, all the adults were the same,
I tell ya, there's a lot that should feel shame.

Adults say: Why you are like that?
you must feel like shit.
The kids are much better,
it's the adults that miss it.

by David Darbyshire

Comments (3)

You were right Dave...this is a good one. But I am not sure the world could stand the test of pure honesty, the kind you get from the kiddos! Adults have learned how to hide their true feelings, and children don't. You're right - it is the adults that just don't get it! Scarlett
yes, adults do have a strange way of accepting things...they feel that pity is something a person is looking accept things as is and make you feel you are lucky...something akin to a trophy! ! ! a kid my bandaged knee was my proudest possession...would be on cloud nine every time someone asked me how i got that...those days were great days...innocent and
Thanks, Dave, for this. You're a star.... Love, Fran the Fan xx