A Serious Question

A kitten went a-walking
One morning in July,
And idly fell a-talking
With a great big butterfly.

The kitten's tone was airy,
The butterfly would scoff;
When there came along a fairy
Who whisked his wings right off.

And then--for it is written
Fairies can do such things--
Upon the startled kitten
She stuck the yellow wings.

The kitten felt a quiver,
She rose into the air,
Then flew down to the river
To view her image there.

With fear her heart was smitten,
And she began to cry,
'Am I a butter-kitten?
Or just a kitten-fly?'

by Carolyn Wells

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all yall you can come ride this dickkkkk but it aint for free.
Well written poem about the expectations of society on women..
there is only one thing i have to say; L
“Time holds great surprises.” From his neat head unquestionably rises a small balloon…”but for the grace of God…” the poem is composed life like
I said it before, I will say it again. Get rid of these dried out white women on my computer. They sound awful. There are plenty actors around that are much better than a computer generated voice.
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