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In The Presence Of Truth
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In The Presence Of Truth

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

For those with kept fed delusions,
And finding it difficult to place today's youth...
In the presence of truth,
Will have it defined eventually for them...
When it has been discovered their fantasized beliefs,
Have created monsters patrolling the streets...
With a doing as they wish to accomplish what they please.

IF 'unpaid' volunteers attempting to keep a peace,
Where people live fearing their lives and doing it in jeopardy...
Who are not willing to protect themselves or even assist in it,
And 'unpaid' volunteers carry guns with a bravery committed...
Something missing is disconnected from their heads.
Something like TRUTH unfaced remains in their minds DEAD.

And the evidence is there,
Skipped over by those squeezing in pews...
Or spewing from pulpits where the self-righteous sit,
Getting to receive a dose of delusion to them preached.
The evidence is real as observed,
Where ignorance is allowed to roam freely on urban streets...
Disrespecting with a lack of discipline,
Anyone met with a nonsense to greet.

The system feeds this weakness to condone.
The system feeds this weakness shown.
The system that treats the truth as if a threat,
Confirms a quality of life slowly put to death.
And everywhere this despair is there,
To accept as if 'truth' should not be lived but dared.

People deluded can not accept the truth.
People deluded wish to keep this pursued.

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