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In The Privacy Of Thoughts
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In The Privacy Of Thoughts

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

In the privacy of thoughts,
I choose to keep secret.
Someday I wish you knew,
How deep the love is I feel for you.
Anonymous (But Not Really)

'I received a very strange note today.
To tell me specifically,
That I should call a number to leave...
Obscene calls.
But to do it after 8pm.
Since they would then be home,
After making a visit...
To someone that has no idea,
What they wish they both could do...
In private.'

~I bet they signed it anonymous.
To then leave a telephone number,
At a local convenience store...
So you would have no idea who it is.~

But I had that number traced.
And went to the convenience store.
To then make a date with the owner.'

~You did what?
I work there part-time.
But I took today off.
And have I yet to meet the owner.~

'I didn't know that.
I've never seen you there.
In fact,
That's where I go to get us snacks...
Whenever you find time to come over.'

~Forget that.
Let's get to the point.
How did the owner,
Happen to know where you lived? ~

'He didn't.
But after I showed him 'his' note,
He smiled and confessed,
An interest in me he always had.'

~But what about me? ~

'What about you, what? '

~It took me months to find that job.
I scheduled my own hours too.~

'That's cool.
Not too many can do that these days.'

~I had my suspicions.
But I didn't know you 'swung' both ways? ~

'I didn't know it either.
Or even gave it a thought.
Until I met the owner.'

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