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In The Quiet Old Cemetery

In the quiet old cemetery in view of the hill
The silence profound in the wintry chill
Where the bones of the long deceased ancestors of the locals lay
Though their influences live on in their descendants today

From generation to generation of locals their beliefs passed down
Their influences it would seem did not die with them in the town
It must be in the d n a that old beliefs live on
For since they lived many decades in time have gone

They went off to war when they were fit and young
And the praises of war heroes by them were sung
And as war veterans they wore their war medals at every war parade
Through the generations the gene of patriotism it never does fade

For god and flag and country was their battle cry
And that their influence was great none ought to deny
Their descendants today wave the national flag
And when their national team win an important international game of their superiority they brag

Many years ago from the cares of living death gave them release
And in the cemetery by the hill their bones are at peace
But their influences it does seem with them did not die
To say otherwise would be stating a lie.

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