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In The Quietness Of A Summer Morning

In the quietness of a Summer morning in the sunshine after rain
The rufous whistler in the woodland he is singing once again
And brown butterflies are dancing in the very gentle breeze
Around the shrubs and bushes in the shadows of the trees
Of such a scene of natural beauty a poet a poem would feel inspired to write
A poem for Nature lovers for to read or to recite
And a scene such as this the landscape artist would be happy for to draw
Of the beauty that in nature that the creative person saw
We are like Nature's Seasons to life we come to and from life go
And so little about our Earth Mother I for one can claim to know
In a World of billions of people Nature's havens becoming rare
And with her natural beauty no other beauty can compare
In the sunshine of early morning raindrops glisten on the flowers
And the wood looks fresh and greener after recent Summer showers.

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