In The Rain

Let the rain fall down on my face..
Than it scatters.
Walk with me if yall can
Death got me wondering stalking my pain.
But even though its thundering Im still walking in the rain
I can hear the demons calling my name.
And I feel like im traped in a ball of flame.
So hear what I preach and listen to my woahs
cause my verbal speach is way deeper than most.
My minds not setteled but in my dreams I still fight
This aint right It feels like I shead tears everytime I write
Its fu*ked up but we know lifes a bi*ch
And some times I even want to give up and slice my wrist
But its not real easy trying to find the light
I hide the pain on my chest every time I write.
Will I make the right choice?
I would give anything on this world to hear your voice.
Im sheading fluid just to write this song
Nothing on this planet could ever hide my pain.
But you know my tears blend in with the rain.
You can never have a grip on a bit of my life.
Not even if you yourself lived it twice.
Everyday seems like a brand new struggle.
And da*n if my feeling arnt still glued to this bubble
Im reciveing a message thru all teh pain I inharite.
And I know you have suffered the same and that remains aparent I guess in a way That we have shared it
and the rain the rain the rain hides my face
But the fight must go on and when it rains form heaven I know you feel this song.....
But my love for you will never move on.

by Javier Meniovich

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wow that was a very beautiful poem..ur good at wat you do...~hazel
Clearly shows how expressive, and how hurting, the writer is.10, from the AT. Cheers, Adeaze T.