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In The Rain (Trans. Of A.N. Maikov)
( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)

In The Rain (Trans. Of A.N. Maikov)

Remember: we were not expecting rain or thunder—
That sudden heavy downpour found us far from home,
We ran to hide beneath a shaggy fir,
Excited, laughing, but a little nervous, too!
Behind the rain, the sun shone through,
Under the mossy fir, we stood, as in a golden cage
Where pearls were dancing all around us on the ground;
From each pine needle raindrops dripped,
Fell, shining, on your hair,
Rolled down your shoulders, underneath your blouse …
Remember how our laughter stopped
When suddenly above our heads the thunder cracked!
You came into my arms and clung, eyes tightly shut …
O blessed rain! O storm of gold!

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