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In The Refugee Camps

In the refugee camps of the World are millions of poor refugees
They are the forgotten survivors of droughts, wars, famines and disease
It would seem that their lives hardly matter they are like the pawns of a chess game
Yet those responsible for their predicament for their plight will not take any blame
'Tis sad to think millions are hungry and life for them tougher than tough
Whilst others have millions in money and to live have far more than enough
The gap between the haves and have nots keeps widening and for one to rise many must fall
For the poor who keep on getting poorer no such a thing as a fair go for all
In the refugee camps of the World and in the dark lanes off of poverty street
No comfortable rooms for to sleep in and never enough food to eat
The offspring of very poor parents and poor till the moment they die
Whoever said all people are equal are those who believe in a lie
In the refugee camps of the World and on the bleak streets of despair
Are the people the World has forgotten whoever said that life is fair?

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A very important issue is addressed here with fullest sympathy to them