AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

In The Ruins Of Your Game

Im stuck in the ruins of your game.
I remember everthing clear as day.
You told me it would be a fun game.
Fun for you mabey.
It was sheer hell for me.

In the ruins of what you did.
I'm left in an everlasting pain.
It was left within the wake of what you did.
Im left within ruins.

Im in a shell of my self.
Im angry really bloody angry.
It all knaws away at me.
Eating its way through me.

Am I a bad person?
Was it my fault?
Is the unaswered questions.

In the ruins of what happened to me.
In the ruins of what you did.
Its left me me fucked up in the head.
Im a really fucked up person now.

It all in ruins.
Im a mess.
Im a bad person.

You left me in the ruins of your abuse.
Left me to pick up the peices.
You just luaghed at me all the time.

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