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In The Saying Of That 'No'
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

In The Saying Of That 'No'

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Sometimes people have to be told 'no.
No debate.
Just a 'no'.

And that is difficult,
To do that 'no'.
To let it go and be done.

Have you tried to say 'no'
To someone you love.
With the ripping out of your own heart,
In your hand.
Gripped around its beating...
And dripping blood.

No matter how you dramaticize that,
To someone...
Saying 'no' with no 'uh-huh' attached,
Can be devastating if handle incorrectly.

One who gets into a fix like this...
Should quietly remove themselves to another room,
To weep.
As quietly as possible.
Try not to give away any weak spots.
Knowing that in the saying of that 'no'...
Will get piercing dagger eye contact,
Throughout the upcoming week.
With or without sighted weaknesses.
Some dare to be told 'no'.

Some so close,
Someone will be determine,
To have another feel regret!

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