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In The Sea Of High Grass
(28 November 1880 – 7 August 1921 / Saint Petersburg)

In The Sea Of High Grass

Poem By Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok

In the sea of high grass you'll be sunk with your head,
In the house - with peace come along…
She'll embrace with her arms, veil around with her plait.
'Hi, my prince,' she will say, slim and strong.

She will tell you again, 'Here are charms of the rose,
Here the dodder was waving his curls.
What the news have you brought, in what lands have been lost?
Who dislikes us, who likes, who sends curse? '

As before you forget that the days go ahead,
As before you excuse loft and wrong,
And you see as the clouds at distance are spread,
And you hear the villages' song.

For the far lands your heart will bemoan its plea,
To the battle will call and entice,
She will say, 'Farewell. And again come to me. '…
And again bells sing songs behind grass.

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