In The Search Of *essence*

Her life seems to be an exile
Why doesn’t anyone let the bird soar high?
Who is left to trust?
When she’s completely crushed…

She is detained in the world of terror, torture, agony and cruelty…
Every instance she’s slaughtered…
Who to tell how much is she distraught?
Kin have left her alone
Whom to love, whom to support?
Who is clement, who is trustworthy…
How to find in the flock of bloodthirsty?

Every soul wears a deceptive mask…
Need to watch out, comes out to be a new task!
She wants to sway away from the crowd,
So that one day she could make herself proud…
But when she opens her wings to fly
She’s led down with a sigh!

“Oh little birdie! “, a voice evokes from within.
“You are not the one to sit like a dumb!
Perk up your spirits…
Open the gateways
Of love, cheer and happiness
Chuck all your worry and fear
Don’t let the world bluff you
Bear everything which obstructs you!
Whack all your pessimism and welcome optimism
The world never declares
It’s Him who decides the stones and stars

Life is a satire,
a wind of grief and glee
Then why to blame it?
Why to be in melancholy?
Learn to glide,
Learn to slide…
And eventually you’ll learn to soar high! “

by Sudipta Pathak

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