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In The Shadows Of Darkness
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

In The Shadows Of Darkness

In the dark bleak nights.
And the roaming shadows.
When the voices speak to me.
I no it can all bring me to my knees.
It could all be the end of me.
If it wanted to be.
I shall fight another night and day.

I see the shadows
A figure of a man.
Are these real
Or is it just in my head.

In the crisp cold of the night.
In a room 101
Im stuck in my room 101.

Shadows loom at night
Like a witch flying on a broom.
Waking me with a sudden fright.
Not in the mornig light.

In my darkest hour
They will huant me.
They can make me suffer.

They want the end of me.
tuff shit they aint getting it.

In the dakness of shadows.
My fears are relived.
I can beat this.
I must beat it.

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