In The Shelter Of His Love

One day I found myself
Standing at the edge of good-bye,
Looking over the canyon of my life
Waiting there to die.

I felt so lost and empty inside
Alone, like no one would care,
No one in my life to love
My heart filled with despair.

I stood at the very edge
And lifted my face up to the sky,
I stood there at that very edge
And prayed to God I'd die.

Everywhere I seemed to turn
My life filled up with pain,
My days were filled with agony
My nights fell down like rain.

The only arms to hold me
Belonged to this body of mine,
I curled hard within myself
To my empty heart I was resigned.

And then one day as I sat
Curled tight and all alone.
I felt a warmth stirring
That turned my heart from stone.

This light shone down on me
And warmed my very soul,
It brought a love into my heart
And made me feel whole.

I felt two arms encompass me
And lift me to my feet,
This love that spoke to me
Said we would not accept defeat.

Together we will face this world
And all it brings our way,
No longer will you walk alone
For life starts anew this day.

From now on when you need shelter
From this storm of life,
I'll be the one to hold you
For I want you for my wife.

When you need love and comfort
I'll be there to light your way,
Just let my arms protect you
And I'll be here every day.

Never will you be cold
Or feel lost or all alone.
Just let my love surround you
My love is deeper than you've known.

And with his declaration
Of this love so grand,
I felt my heart begin to thaw
As I began to understand.

No longer would I walk as one
Or face this world alone,
For with this love he gave to me
I am more loved than I've ever known.

And now when I stand at that edge
And stare out over all I see,
I know I'll never be afraid
For I feel his love surrounding me.

He'll keep me safe from harm
And love me unconditionally,
And all I need to do in return
Is let him give his love to me.

Though he asks for nothing in return
I gladly give him my heart,
I will never walk alone again
For he resides within my heart.

by Kristi Day

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