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In The Silence Of My Mind!

In the silence of my mind I found your love my darling,
you came to life like the night's gentle winds.
When dawn broke to a new day you my love turned from a bright
star, to the heaven's new sun, 'In love again we began With falling rains, to feel our midday's warmth. In the
silence of my mind, I find your love will return and forever.
Kiss again we do as the night grows in boundless beauty.
Behind no heavenly cloud can you hide. ' No not from me ever No, some new moon tonight dances over the dripping sands of our
last place of love. '
Go, again we do to live on these passionate shores. Then
through our fading night you push then lovingly shove. Dreaming ends now, in a waking firing dawn. You my love are
nowhere to be found, you pass like the silent night, still
you have been to this night wanderer so very kind.
Beaming rays cross my heart in remembrance, I'll always sleep
in fondness with you, love always. Now we'll live again on
this night soon to come,

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