MB (February 4,1989 / )

In The Silence Of The Night

As i lay in bed and rest my head
i tink the thoughts of fairies
but arnt they all dead
they use to fly
they fell from the sky
in the silence of the night
i start to cry
no one will know
you must sleep
and dream
of me
and what i use to be
the perfect person
the perfect friend
it all had to end
the old me died
now she is just a body
with out a soul
in the silence of the night
think about those fights
the forceful words
the blood that drips
the pain from the words used as whips
think about the angels that fly
in the sky up so high
watching us from there place in heaven
they will always watch
and guid
hold you when you start to cry
in the silence of the night
dont wish to die
you never know who will hear you
dont say the un-say-able
just to see what it sounds like
dont do what no one has dared to do
just to be you
in the silence of the night
dont put up a fight
just close your
eyes and dream
dream of me
and dream of sun sets
and clouds
and happiness
that everyone wants
in the silence of the night
all is alright

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