In The Skies.(A Haiku)

Lightning bugs, pass by.
In the night, under moon bright.
Love the way, you fly.

by Rebecca Navarre

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under the moon light, you fly............ so nice a poem, simple in its content but conveys a lot. thankyou dear poet. tony
In the night! ! With the romance of nature. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
I have to believe that you and Haiku are made for each other! ! ! This captures your love of nature both heavenly and the creatures below.. You are very diligent to pick out the words that paint a picture and a tone and follow the Haiku structure at the same time. This poem is so delicately radiantly lovely. Nailed the form- imparted essence of night flight. 10++++++++++++++++++ and a spot on my Favs
Another sweet and gentle write, love it Rebecca!
Flying of lightning bug in the night is most attractive as well a as the bright moon light. Beautiful poem shared.Thanks for sharing.
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