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In The Snowy Mountain Country

In the Snowy mountain country where the Snowy river flow
The temperatures at zero and the winds of Winter blow
And the hungry fox is barking out there on the moonlit hill
His voice re-echoes in the silence something loud and wild and shrill.

In the Snowy mountain country where Peter lived as a boy
He still talks about the storms there and the big winds of July
And the Snowy river in full flood it roared downhill bank high
And the roos fled the flooded paddocks for places high and dry.

But the Snowy mountain country is a pleasant land in Spring
In the cool days of September the wild birds nest and sing
And the magpies build their nests of sticks and carol all day long
And the territorial butcherbird sings his bubbling courtship song.

From the Snowy mountain country Peter now lives far away
In Rockhampton in the Queensland tropics where there's seldom a wet day
And though the man may leave the mountain the mountain in him stay
I come from the Southern highlands with great pride you hear him say.

In the Snowy mountain country storm clouds are in the sky
And the roos have fled the flooded paddocks for places high and dry
But when July fades to August Spring to the hills is near
And September in the Snowies is a lovely time of year.

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