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In The Space Between Us
DP Derek Pape ( / )

In The Space Between Us

It was the space that was filled with one not knowing the other.
When we met and talked for the first time.
The space disintegrated in a few short hours of time spent with each other.
I have never loved as I love you.
I thought that love for me, would be a vague idea that would never happen.
If it did there would always be that space between us.
The Space was what I wanted from Love, and the fear of not knowing it completely.

You have taken away the space between us.

Your touch and feel the look in your eyes.
Tell me a thousand times over that You Love me so.
I have always known the depth of all you are to me.
I have known it from the first kiss to the last time I held you in my arms.

You leave me wanting more of you.
It is a Love of patience and understanding.
It is a Love of passion and caring.
It is a Love of smiles and laughter.
It is a Love of you and all you have been and will become.

I do not know what will come, but I do know I want you with me and beside me.

I will always be there for you.

I will always yearn for your touch, the taste of your lips, and the look of your eyes.

You have a great gift to share with everyone.
The gift is there as it always has been.

You have all that you need.
You know all that you need to know.
The answers are there to the questions that you ask.

Our faith in each other will show us the path to follow.

Our Love will keep us and lift us up.

My Beloved

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