In The Stage Of Life

All of us are actors and actresses
Each with a role to play
In the vast stage of life
We perform to the demands of time
We act through all the seasons of our life
We dance to the beat of life's music
We sing to the tune of life's song
We march to the cadence of life's drum
We take our bow when the performance is over
And leave the stage of life
When the curtain falls
Others will come after us
To play their part in the stage of life
From season to season
In the turning of time
In the endless flow of life

by Nudershada Cabanes

Comments (2)

Oh, swell, the voting booth is still broke. I will try again later to give your poem the 10 it deserves.
Talk about flow! ! ! This poem has FLOW! ! ! And it is exactly the right length- sometimes writers dull down their poem when they keep writing after their point is made. You have that valuable sense of timing your ending at the right moment with the right words. Adding you to my friend list and giving this a big fat 10!